12 Great Beauty Uses With Petroleum Jelly

12 makeup and beauty tricks and tips with Petroleum Jelly. This is one item I could not live without it saves time and money. I have been using Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline for years. I always carry a small pot of petroleum Jelly called Vaseline around with me which saves me having to carry lots of items. This is a really useful product to take away with you for nights out, staying over at a friend’s after a party, or a weekend break when you don’t want to pack or carry much.

1. Chapped lips – Most commonly used, apply to chapped lips as when and as often as needed.

2. Make your own lip gloss -Mix a tiny amount of petroleum jelly with your favorite lipstick at the back of your hand to make your own shiny lip gloss.

3. Stop lipstick sticking to teeth – Apply a thin layer to your teeth to stop lips/lipstick sticking to your teeth. Great when you have glossy lipstick on.

4. Eyelashes – Rub a small amount to the eyelashes before going to sleep to condition the eyelashes.

5. Tame Eyebrows – Apply a thin layer to the fingertip or to an eyebrow brush and smooth over eyebrows to tame them and keep any stray hairs down.

6. Make your own eyebrow make-up – mix a dark brown eye shadow with Vaseline at the back of your hand and apply over eyebrows with a thin eye/lip brush, this also tames them.

7. Dewy look -Smear a smudge of Vaseline on your finger and apply over the top of the cheekbone for a dewy look, apply a little at a time, remember you can always add but it’s much more difficult to take away.

You can also mix a little blusher into this to give your cheeks a little color.

8. Prevent sore/red noses – Rub Vaseline around the nose when you have a cold to prevent your nose from getting sore and red from blowing your nose.

9. Avoid hair dye stains – Rub a generous amount of Vaseline around the hairline around the face and neckline before dying hair to avoid hair dye stains.

10. Soft hands – Massage a generous layer of Vaseline over the tops of the hands and around the cuticles before bed for super soft hands.

11. Avoid nail polish on the skin – Rub Vaseline around your cuticles before applying nail polish, so if you do get nail polish on the skin this can be wiped off easily when the nails are dry. Also great for softening cuticles at the same time.

12. Soft feet – Massage over your feet after drying from a bath or the shower to help for soft feet or put moisture socks over them.

I regularly use it for chapped lips, I have tried many different lip balms including expensive ones like the Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream and cheaper versions and I always come back to my tried and trusted Vaseline. Especially now you can buy this in small pots, my favorite one is the Aloe Vera Vaseline.