Large Pores, Oily Skin – How to Get Rid of Large Pores and Acne

Getting rid of large pores, and acne can be a nightmare. You may find that even after a successful acne treatment, your may still have large pores and oily skin.

Getting rid of large pores and oily skin naturally is not only possible, it is simple and practically free! Even if you have existing acne, are using the the best acne products, or are using a medicated acne treatment, these following steps will greatly reduce oily skin and large pores instantly:

Rules to avoid irritating, clogging and enlarging oily pores:

  • Use mild acne skin care products
  • Moisturize only as needed with dermatologist recommended brands
  • Cleanse with warm water twice per day using an exfoliating cleanser (no scrubs)
  • Gently (no scrubbing) exfoliate once per day with a soft wash cloth – avoiding active acne areas
  • Rinse using cold water (not freezing) every time you cleanse to close pores
  • Never use oil based makeup or cosmetic products
  • Only use makeup or cosmetics formulated for oily acne skin

Allow your face and moisturizer to dry completely before continuing with the appropriate next steps.

Do this every day to minimize large pores and control oily skin:

  • Place a wet cloth in the freezer in the morning or 1 hour before getting ready
  • After cleansing, moisturize as needed
  • Before applying makeup, remove the hard-frozen cloth from the freezer for a few minutes
  • Relax, and lay down with the towel over your face for 5 minutes, flip the towel over for a few more minutes
  • Allow your skin to dry before applying makeup

After only a few days of doing this natural large pore treatment, you will begin to see drastic results. Your oil production will be reduced, and skin pores will appear cleaner and smaller. This natural large pore treatment also reduces acne inflammation, puffy eyes, swollen skin, and reduces shiny skin in humid weather.