4 Ways Makeup Can Damage Your Health

The habit of not removing your makeup and sleeping with your makeup on is a big mistake, since makeup block the pores and do not allow the skin to breathe. For most of the women, makeup is the best ally in beauty process and the only one that use it in order to look how they want.

During the years, cosmetic industry created thousands of beauty products, designed to satisfy any desire of women. And as you already know, women are full of wishes, especially when it comes about their beauty.

However, it is important to know which products to choose from the market and how to use them, in order to not be victims of the adverse effects of these products. If we are not careful, makeup can be extremely harmful to our health. I will detail you below the circumstances in which makeup can turn into an enemy.

Borrowing cosmetics to other persons
It is perhaps natural to borrow clothes, accessories and other fashion items to your girlfriends or family members. There is, however, not recommended to borrow cosmetics!

You must know that borrowing the lipstick, eye liners, powder, brush or sponge with which you apply foundation and powder on the face, all have the increase the risk of contracting a viral infection such as conjunctivitis, herpes etc. In addition, if a person has problems with acne loan, you risk to get infected with this bacterium.

Using false eyelashes
Indeed, long eyelashes make us to look beautiful. It seems that we are more sensual and more expressive if we have longer lashes. False eyelashes are very dangerous because they contain formaldehyde can irritate the eyes very serious. In addition, incorrect application of false eyelashes can make the natural lashes very fragile with an increased risk of breaking.

Sleeping with makeup on 
Many of us get exhausted after a hard day of work or perhaps later and don’t have the enough energy to clean her face.
You really need to get rid of this unhealthy habit. If you do not remove your makeup before bedtime, you do not allow the skin to receive the oxygen it needs to recover for the next day. In time, the skin will suffer. The products we use for makeup clogs the pores and acne is very likely to occur. Moreover, many cosmetics are toxic. At night can enter in the eye, irritating it. Also, eye makeup generally contain oils and wax that clogs glands and can lead to make conjunctivitis.

Using expired products
Like any other products, cosmetic products have expiration date too. After expiration, these products can become very harmful. Using expired make-up products can cause irritation or infections that can have different bacteria.